Bubba Jenkins is one of the fastest-rising stars in all of mixed martial arts (MMA). He is an athletic talent that brings combat sports awareness into professional fighting. This young athlete has become known in the MMA world for his relentless wrestling style and unstoppable submissions. He currently trains at American Top Team in Coconut Creek, FL. Jenkins has been a highly sought-after talent since announcing he would train full-time in MMA. With his work ethic and growing repertoire in the martial arts, that goal is being realized.

He loves wrestling and likes to tell one of his most memorable wrestling moments…”One of the greatest persons I’ve ever wrestled with is Joe Paterno! Yes, it happened. It occurred during my recruiting visit to Penn State. Here’s how: I went to shake his hand; he hit me with a high crotch and I had to sprawl!! When I was coming back to my feet…he gave in…and said, “Ok…I think he’ll do alright here!” It was one of the many great moments I’ve experienced because of wrestling.”

Jenkins stepped into MMA after an extraordinary collegiate wrestling career that saw him win in his senior year at Arizona State the 2011 NCAA title at 157 lbs. in grand fashion! Although he had won 14 National Championships, since the age of nine, his last one is the one he dreamt of the most…the NCAA CHAMPIONSHIPS (OF THE WORLD)…we added of the World…because that is how he felt after winning it…on top of the world!! Rightly so and well deserved!

After his true freshman year, Jenkins showed a complete wrestling arsenal, by earning a gold medal in the 2008 Jr. World Olympic Championships in Beijing, China…against all odds. No one believed he could do it, no one believed he would do it, and no one had recently done it! The reason he believes that he excels during adverse times is that he realizes...if God before (or as he likes to put it – "be for") you…no one can be against you and prevail. He says, “I measure my success by the goals I set for myself…not by goals set for me by anyone else (…one exception…my mother, of course…HaHa). If I aim for goals, and I give a sincere and focused effort…and I somehow don’t achieve them…then I will be alright because I gave it my very best. Wrestling may not be your thing…that’s ok…just make sure you have a thing to get after!”

He began his true sophomore college year in 2008 and that year became Penn State’s NCAA's 149 lbs. runner-up. It has arguably been called the deepest weight class in NCAA history...it had multiple returning AAs and eventual NCAA Champions. Although Jenkins was injured throughout college, he still amassed a total win record of 96 matches in his storied collegiate career at Penn State and Arizona State, two of the most historic programs in wrestling.

He states, “Fortunately for me, not only has my relatives been supportive, but God has planted some people in my life, who are not in the “bloodline”…for these people I am eternally grateful! There really are too many to name but I will hope that they know who they are and that I know that they have helped me along the way. Nevertheless, I must mention four of them by name…The remarkable Bruce Pearl, the unconquerable Corey Williams, the eclectic Kevin Martingayle, and the indomitable John Davis! These four entered at different times in my life but always at the right time and when I needed them the most. Although, there have been others, these four have gone above and beyond to sustain me through the ups and downs in my life. I know that I can count on them and I hope that they know that they can count on me to make them proud and to never forget them.”

Bubba's Mom, Teresa, is his biggest fan and supporter! His "pops" Carmelo is second to none in his support, "fan-dom" and love. Bubba has three siblings, an older sister, Unique and two adopted brothers...one older, Eric and one younger, Ethan...they cheer him on the loudest!!